Our new EP entitled, “Everything is Gonna Be Alright” will be released on September 7th. We had a lot of fun writing and recording these songs and can’t wait for you to hear them. We also owe a very special thanks to Fred Duey for helping us engineer, mix, and master these tracks at Up [...]

Check out our latest music video for Satellites! We want to thank all our friends who helped us bring the concept to life. Enjoy.

We’re currently mixing three new Monster songs that will make you wanna dance, sing, and be somebody. Keep checking the NEWS blog for updates on artwork and release dates.

Check out Episode 2 of “Everybody Loves Monsters!” We hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for more videos.

We’re in the home stretch! This is the final week of voting for the FreeCreditScore.com Band Search competition – keep voting, sharing, and posting every day! The support we’ve gotten so far has been absolutely incredible… now’s the final push! VOTE HERE